Welcome to Dance Infinity Sussex

2014 and 2015 are proving to be a time of expansion for us, such is the increased popularity of Modern Jive dancing.

We currently present dances and lessons Sussex and Hampshire. Some of our evenings include lessons, others are devoted to the social side of dancing. Should you find that you are visiting us for the first time and considering learning to dance, we wish you an especially warm welcome. It can be a little daunting to try something new, we know, we did that too. The only difference is that we did it before you. We really look forward to you joining us and sharing the wonderful world of dancing with you.

Here, in summary, is what each venue offers

WednesdaysAssembly Hall, Worthing. Lessons for dancers of every ability. Our evenings end with ‘freestyle’ which is the time we play music continually while you dance the remainder of the evening with us.

ThursdaysThe Martlets – Burgess Hill, as above, with lessons for beginners and those looking to improve a little more. Again, we end our evenings with freestyle

Thursdays – Waterlooville Community Centre – Waterlooville. Once a month we share an evening with one lesson for those that are starting out on their dance journey. Then, from 8:30 the evening is freestyle

Fridays King Alfred Ballroom Suite – Hove. We usually share two Friday evenings a month here. One will include a lesson during the early part of the evening, concluding by 8:45 when the remainder of the evening is given to freestyle. The second evening will be purely freestyle and often be hosted by a guest DJ.

Workshops: Lazy Sundae . These are focused times of between 3 or 4 hours where we work through moves with you to refine them and explore in more detail, the art form of leading and following a dance with your dancing friends.

Saturdays: We have Special Event dances throughout the year at the larger of our venues, which are:

Assembly Hall – Worthing
The Pavilion – Worthing
The Southern Pier – Worthing
The Martlets – Burgess Hill

Each of these is a themed dance and we list them as separate events as we draw close to them taking place.

Bank Holiday Sundays: We also offer special event nights dancing either at the King Alfred Ballroom Suite, or at the Southern Pier (the one over the sea) Worthing.

Happy browsing! Please click on the associated links to find out more about each venue, evening and event. We look forward to seeing you at one of our venues very soon.

Colleen and the Dance Infinity Team

You can also find us on FaceBook: Dance Infinity Sussex or call us on 07960 973115